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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudmos?

Cloudmos is a platform and suite of tools aiming to facilitate access to data and analytics on the broader cosmos ecosystem. We have a particular focus on the Akash Network as we believe it is the base layer of the future web3.

List of tools we provide:

What is Akash?

Akash Network is the world’s first decentralized open source cloud. Almost every website or app you go to are hosted on the “cloud”, meaning servers leased by big companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft or others. Akash is aiming to disrupt this centralization of resources by providing a decentralized network of server providers, giving the possibility for anyone capable to rent their spare server capacity and earn an extra income. Think AirBnb, but for cloud computing! On the other hand, anyone who wants to host an app or a website can now do it at a fraction of the cost. To fulfill the transactions done between the parties, Akash uses the blockchain technology so that all the transactions are transparent, fast, global and cheap. Akash is part of the cosmos ecosystem as it is built with the Cosmos SDK.

How to deploy an app or website to Akash?

Akash leverages Kubernetes's container orchestration technology to provide a maximum of flexibility in terms of what applications can be deployed on it’s network. So basically, if your application is containerized with docker, it can run on Akash. The only thing you need is the currency $AKT to pay for the computing and then voilà, you can deploy your app in a few steps.

What can be deployed on Akash?

Any app, website, blockchain node, video game server, etc. You name it! As long as you have a docker image ready, you can run it on Akash!

Here’s a list of projects deployed by the community on the network during the testnet.


Here's a list of of useful links from the community that could help to get from buying the currency to deploying an app!

#1: How to buy $AKT
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#3: How to deploy